See What You’ve Been Missing

With the premium channels available from DirecTV, you can access the shows and movies that everyone has been talking about. HBO, ShowTime, and Cinemax all feature the best movies you can’t wait to see again and original content you can’t see anywhere else.

HBO includes 10 different channels plus HBO on demand, where you can find the latest movies before they hit Netflix. Whether you’re the Game of Thrones type or want to check out why Girl is all the rage, HBO has the show for you.


ShowTime boasts the success of its original series, Homeland, while offering comedy, movies, and sports to keep you endlessly entertained. Homeland is an American political thriller and winner of two Golden Globes in Drama. The series launched in 2011 and keeps viewers coming back for more year after year.


Cinemax brings you the ultimate in movie entertainment. Featuring a new movie premiere every Saturday night, you’ll never worry about missing a movie in theaters again. Cinemax brings you the hottest box office titles on 8 channels, and with DirecTV, you can view them on any device.


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