Give the Gift of Entertainment


This year, show them you care with GenieGO and an HD DVR from DirecTV . With GenieGO, you and your loved ones can watch your recorded shows from any device, anywhere you want. Earn yourself some family time; give them a reason to get together and watch this holiday season with these cool features.

Watch anywhere—without an Internet connection.

With GenieGO you can download and watch your favorite shows on five different devices at a time. No more fighting over the remote, even if your oldest is home from college. Everyone can watch their favorites, even without an internet connection.


Auto-Download every episode of a TV series.

Had a busy year so far? Missed out on some of your favorite shows? Make missing out a thing of the past. GenieGO will automatically sync your new episodes of your favorite series with your laptop, tablet, or phone, as soon as your HD DVR records it.

Stream shows instantly over Wi-Fi.

GenieGO also lets you stream your recorded shows over wi-fi, not just your home network, without downloading them to your device. Every member of the family has access to the power of DirecTV, even if they can’t all be on the couch together.

Start watching as soon as a show starts recording.

Watch now and record for later at the same time! No need to wait for your HD DVR to finish recording the episode – you can watch as soon as the recording begins on your computer, tablet, or phone. With up to 20 hours of recording time on any device, and optional external hard drive connection, the possibilities are endless. Earn yourself some major giving points this year and give them the gift of unbeatable entertainment.