Introducing… DIRECTV’s Genie, where all your wishes come true

If we could grant you three wishes, what would they be?


Well… what if we could only grant you one wish?

With DIRECTV’s Genie, all your wishes come true.

You know how you used to try to record or DVR your shows, only to find that there wasn’t enough room? It was like recording all your TV shows in an…


Not enough room, amiright? Not when you have so many shows you want to DVR.

And when someone deleted or recorded over your shows to make more room, you were like…


Well, with DIRECTV’s Genie, you can DVR up to 5 TV shows at once. DIRECTV’s Genie also offers more recording capacity than cable and gives you full HD DVR functionality on every TV in your home — even outside, when you connect a NEW Wireless Genie Mini.


Magical. We know. So does that mean you get more storage, full HD DVR functionality in every room in the house and no more recording conflicts?


Just call a KR Communications representative to find out how you can install your DIRECTV Genie today. Call KR Communications and get DIRECTV at (716) 568-7232.

Well, what are you waiting for?


Get the Genie from DIRECTV today by asking your KR Communications representative. Call KR Communications at (716) 568-7232.