“Exeding” Your Expectations


In case you haven’t heard, Exede Internet is literally flying out of this world. Partnering with a couple popular airlines, Exede’s providing the same high-speed home and/or office Internet while mid-flight with Fly-Fi, Exede’s In The Air in-flight Wi-Fi.®

If you’re been on a Jet Blue or United flight recently, you may have already experienced what Exede can deliver. We give you faster and more reliable high-speed Internet which includes 12 Mbps per customer (with almost 150 devices connected per flight). That’s three to four times faster than any other Internet service. That means you’re not going to be interrupted while Skyping with your boss or catching up with all your favorite TV shows on Netflix.

If Exede can deliver all that mid-air, think about what we can do for you on the ground. No more buffering through “Game of Thrones,” we’ll bring you to Westeros and back.

Well, what are you waiting for? Call us for out-of-this world Internet.